How You Can Help

This page is a curation of various National and International Organisations working to tackle human rights violations and offering help to those in need. This list is thoroughly vetted but is not exhaustive. We at Centre for Peace for Asia believe in shedding light on issues concerning human rights but want to also offer our readers a chance to actively participate and contribute to those very causes. As we cover more topics, this list will also be expanding along with it. 

Rohingya Crisis

Here’s a list of organizations currently working to improve the living conditions of Rohingya Muslims and links where you can donate : 

BRAC is an international development organisation based in Bangladesh. BRAC is reaching people in the refugee camps and host communities of Cox’s Bazar with essential public health and hygiene awareness messages to keep them safe and protected from the pandemic.

Action Against Hunger provides more than 83,000 hot meals and 551,479 liters of safe water to Rohingya refugees in camps and other locations every single day. They also offer healthcare services to the camps

Doctors with Borders have been working in the camps to provide healthcare to victims of sexual assault, violence and malnutrition with a large team of over 2,000 healthworkers. 

World Food Programme has been giving the refugees high energy food packets and is working towards providing meals to all Rohingya refugees.