Find out more about our latest projects.

Find out more about our latest projects.

Reinventing Design and Architecture Over the years,'space' as an expression has acquires multiple meanings and has evolved in terms of its perception and design.

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Facilitating the elements - of air, of light, and of greens. At group DCA , our core values drive our process.

Ar. Amit Aurora illustrates the fun relationship between a client and an architect. Read more about it here.

"Recreating a spatial experience based on the core philosophies of the sixties in the twentieth century" Read more about this project here.

Design adaptation for Global Luxury Brands

DCA Workshop, a unique, single window solution for design execution through a structured collaborative approach between clients, spaces and designers.

Ar. Rahul Bansal shares his passion for architecture with the young minds.

group DCA awarded and recognised for its exemplary work in the field or architecture and design